Tips for Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer

Let’s assume two things first. First, freelancers are, for the most part, honest, straightforward people. Secondly, customers are usually also honest and sincere people. However, everyone has a bad experience at some point in their career. The designer is not paid for the work, or the client does not receive the finished work product for which he/she was paid. Consider the following tips to avoid another mishap when hiring a freelancer.

1. Do your homework

View their portfolios, read feedback and check references. Yes, you really need to do some work. People do it when they can no longer blindly believe. But don’t be surprised if they come to you hesitantly; designers get annoyed just as often as clients (maybe even more often). If you read or see something that makes you uncomfortable, ask questions. If you’re still unsure after hearing the answer, walk away.

2. Keep communication open

Open and honest communication is another key to avoiding mistakes. Be clear about what format you need for the work to be returned to you in advance. Consider doing a short creative brief to make sure you’re on the same page. Ask if they are familiar with the format you need. The goal is to pay for freelance graphic design services while avoiding having to reformat the whole thing yourself.

3. Understand the designer’s strengths

Hiring a print job specialist may not be the best decision if you need someone to design a website. If a designer wants to branch out or feel well-rounded, that’s fine. However, you should be aware of any technical or stylistic differences in advance.

4. Ask questions!

Focus on your expectations, communicate clearly, and establish a mutually beneficial payment arrangement, such as an escrow account.

Following these simple steps should lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between customers


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